Tung Tong

thai money bags

Tung Tong ถุงทอง
(money bags)

These little golden bags of pastry are a fantastic starter. Pick one up, dip it in the plum sauce and wow! The flavours of the plum sauce with the crispy pastry and the medley of vegetables are more-ish!

Thai  Money Bags

The Thai name is ‘tung tong’, they are also known as ‘golden money bags’ and ‘thai money bags’ because they resemble little packets of money; really!

Tung Tong Thai

The wonton pastry is filled with a medley of minced vegetables (carrot, peas, potato, sweet corn) they are all handmade, rolled with love by Amporn and tied with a little ribbon 🙂 and best served with a plum sauce dip.
Try some, you won’t be disappointed.

A dish of Tung Tong (Thai money bags) with a dip bowl of plum sauce
Takeaway Options / Prices

Vegetables, all the way!

  • soya
  • wheat

Dietary Options

  • vegetarian

Main Ingredients

  • carrot
  • peas
  • potato
  • sweet corn

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