Tom Kha Soup

Rich, creamy coconut soup

Tom Kha Soup ต้มข่า

If you’ve had a rough day, stressful, not enough time, then this is the dish for you.

Tom Kha Soup is soothing, the smells of lemongrass, galangal and lime drift into your nostrils even before your tongue has warmed to the delicate flavours of coconut milk and mushrooms.

Close your eyes, imagine yourself on a beach in Thailand, the waves roll up the sand tickling your feet, as your shoulders get massaged by skilful hands, and your almost there.

This delighfully mild, coconut rich soup is made with chicken or prawns. Delicious as a vegetarian option.

Tom Kha Soup ต้มยำ (dtôm-kàa-gài) on the thai food menu for thai kitchen in lakeland
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Mild soup, not spicy

The way it’s meant to be

Some have it spicy, but not usually

  • celery
  • fish sauce
  • soya (veg only)
  • gluten free
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • chicken, prawns, vegetables
  • carrot
  • chilli
  • coconut
  • coriander
  • galangal
  • garlic
  • lemongrass
  • lime leaf
  • mushroom
  • shallott

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