Thai Prawn Crackers

everyone's favourite thai snack

Thai Prawn Crackers

Thai prawn crackers – I challenge you to stop eating them once you’ve started! They’re made for sharing, but be quick or they’ll be gone!

They’re made from high-quality fresh shrimp caught in the pacific ocean. No artificial colours. These shrimp chips are an ideal snack for adults and children, a great alternative to crisps. Served with a sweet chilli dip.

Once you finished your meal, if there’s some left, put a film on the tv, grab a beer and finish them off, great!

Allergen Information:

* This product may contain traces of gluten, maize gluten, nut and lactose due to the methods used in the manufacture of the product. *


A basket of Thai prawn crackers
Takeaway Options / Prices
Ain’t no chillis here, but there will be some hiding in the dip
  • crustaceans
  • gluten free* (note above)
  • pescatarian


  • fresh shrimp 9%
  • tapioca starch
  • garlic
  • sugar
  • salt

Sweet Chilli Sauce

  • cornflower
  • pickled red chilli
  • fresh chilli
  • vinegar (distilled)
  • garlic
  • vinegar (distilled)

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