Pla Sarm Rot

three flavoured fish

Pla Sarm Rot



Pla Sarm Rot (three flavoured fish)

The sea bass is shallow fried then smothered in our homemade sweet chilli sauce and garnished with coriander, red chilli, peppers and salad.

This is a mild to medium spicy dish, the three flavours (sweet, sour and salty) complement the delicate crispy fish making this dish an absolute winner.

This dish brings back memories of Thailand for me. Sat by a little table, on the beach in the shade, with beer, while the sea crashes over the sand.

The waiter serves up this delicious fresh fish coated in a medley of flavours.

I use sea bass for this dish. In Thailand, it is generally cooked with snapper or tilapia.


Pla Sarm Rot (three flavoured fish), sea bass, covered in three flavoured sauce, garnished with peppers, chilli, coriander
Takeaway Options / Prices



not spicy

just a hint

  • fish

Dietary Options

  • gluten free
  • pescatarian

Main Ingredients

  • fish
  • coriander
  • cornflower
  • peppers
  • salad


  • garlic (sauce)
  • pickled red chilli (sauce)
  • chilli (sauce)
  • vinegar (sauce)
  • Stabilizer: Xanthan Gum(E415) (sauce)

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