Pat Pet Moo

Pork Belly, Exciting, Try it

Pad Pet Moo w/Pork Belly ปัดเป็ดหมู
(pad-pet moo)

A medium spicy stir-fry that is bursting with flavour. Pad Pet Moo is colourful and delicious.

Pork Belly stir-fried in a red curry paste with coconut, lime leaves, chilli, basil, brocolli, fine beans and carrots. It’s yummy, don’t miss this.

Pad Pet pork belly with rice from our takeaway menu
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Easy with the chillis, chef!
Go on then, add a few.
  • celery
  • wheat
  • soya
  • gluten free
  • pork
  • coconut
  • basil
  • chilli

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