Jungle Curry

Wow! Some like it hot

Jungle Curry แกงป่า (gaeng pa)

Wow! Some like it hot. Be warned, you’d better be ready for this, it’ll blow your socks off! It’s not Thailand’s hottest dish, that honour is left to Som Tam or some of the other Lao cuisine. But, if you want something that will send your tongue numb then this is it. A medley of vegetables and Thai spices swirl around in this hot Thai soup, maybe in harmony, but not in competition.

No coconut milk here – one of the few Thai dishes without it. Why is it called jungle curry? Well, that’s because of all the colourful vegetables, as you can find in the jungle. It can also have chicken, beef, pork, fish or seafood – some of the other ingredients you can find in and around jungles. I can make it cooler if you wish, or hotter! Though keep a number handy – for the fire brigade – to cool you down.

A bowl of jungle curry, hot and spicy
Takeaway Options / Prices
Easy with the chillis, chef!
Go on then, add a few.
Blow my socks off!
  • celery
  • crustaceans
  • fish sauce
  • soya (vegetarian only)

Dietary Options

  • gluten free (not vegetarian)
  • vegetarian
  • vegan

Main Ingredients

  • chicken, pork, beef, prawns
  • bamboo
  • basil
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • courgette
  • cauliflower
  • chilli
  • garlic
  • green beans
  • tofu (vegetarian)

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