Crispy Wonton

geoh tord - homemade delights

Crispy Wonton หมูเกี้ยวทอด

(mŏo gîeow tôt)


Crispy Wonton (Geoh Tord)

Quaint parcels of culinary delight; minced pork marinated in our own mix of Thai herbs and spices, individually hand-wrapped in filo pastry packets, nipped to seal, then deep fried and served with a dip. 

You will not want to bite into these crispy wontons because they look so inviting, but you are in for a rare treat when you do.

Dunk them into a deep bowl of plum or sweet chilli sauce first, so they are dripping, while pinching the top so that your fingers will not get sticky, and hold your palm underneath, so that the sauce does not run over the table. Have fun!


A plate of crispy wonton (geoh tord) from our Thai takeaway menu
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No chillis here

  • soya
  • wheat
  • eggs
  • pork
  • garlic powder
  • sugar
  • ground pepper
  • eggs
  • mushroom (dried shittake 3%)
  • corn starch
  • yeast extract
  • soybean sauce

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