Chicken Satay

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Chicken Satay with Satay Sauce

ไก่สะเต๊ะ  (gài sà-dté)

Chicken Satay, it’s everyone’s favourite Thai starter, but don’t forget to dip!

Succulent pieces of fresh chicken are marinated overnight from our own recipe and skewered on bamboo sticks and grilled. Then garnished with cucumber, coriander, shallot, red chilli, before ground peanuts are sprinkled over the top; creating a delight to the eye.

If this not tempting enough – in the race to experience this exciting dish you can rush past the crux of your journey: the satay sauce. Dip the chicken into our homemade satay sauce, twirl it around and around and you will wonder. . . ‘how can something this simple taste so good’, and you’ll be back for more.

It is a flavour that will take you back to Thailand, to the street stalls, to the aroma of barbecue’d chicken over charcoal, the sound of the shrill horn from the tuk-tuk as it passes by . . . . but I digress . . . enjoy!

A plate of chicken satay with satay sauce and garnished with cucumber, shallot, peppers, chilli and sprinkled with ground peanuts.
Takeaway Options / Prices


No chillis, better this way
  • peanut (sauce only)
  • sesame (sauce only)
  • shrimp (in marinade)

Dietary Options

  • gluten free

Main Ingredients

  • chicken

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