Beef in Oyster Sauce

Thai, not chinese, stir fry

Beef in Oyster Sauce

Beef in Oyster Sauce (Thai style) tastes significantly different than the native Chinese versions. The strips of tender beef are cooked with mushrooms, broccoli, spring onions, in our stir fry sauce.

The mix of beef with the stir-fried vegetables make this a distinctive dish. It is one that you could eat from a box, with chopsticks, while strolling through the park, sitting on the bench, or walking along the street.

This time though, eat it at your leisure, seated with friends in your home, and enjoy the sharp flavours that rise from the oyster sauce and fresh seasonal vegetables.

*Although called ‘oyster sauce’ the sauce is not made with oysters, but is a mushroom based vegetarian sauce.*

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Takeaway Options / Prices



Not spicy, at all!

  • celery
  • soya
  • wheat

Dietary Options

Main Ingredients

  • beef
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • garlic
  • mushrooms
  • spring onions

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