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Your food is fresh, cooked to order, on-site, for you to collect and takeaway.

We don’t deliver because we want your food to be the best possible, straight from the wok, no waiting for delivery.

My recipes use genuine Thai ingredients, no compromise, no substitutes, no look-a-likes, to bring you the best in authentic Thai cuisine, and I source fresh meat, fish, and vegetables from local suppliers whenever possible.

At home, on my land, since childhood, I helped my family to grow rice, chillies, mango, shallots and more. I know about Thai food, how to grow it, how to select it, and how to cook it. I bring you my experiences from working in Thailand, and my skills from working under a talented Thai chef in a local Thai restaurant for over 12 years.


“Genuinely incredible. This isn’t ‘take-away’…This is the best Thai food you’ll ever eat, packaged up in boxes to blow your mind at home. Worth every penny and then some. Thanks guys!”

A plate of Pla Sarm Rot (three flavoured fish). This is sea bass on our takeaway menu


“Having always said that I don’t like Thai food, I am converted and have ordered takeaway twice in the last two weeks. Absolutely delicious, very tasty and I will certainly be ordering again”.

prawen and asparagus stir fry from thai kitchen in lakleand takeaway menu


“Best food in Kendal, by a mile, and as a regular traveller to Thailand I can tell you this food is as good as it gets ❤️ kop khun kap” 🙏

A plate of beef in oyster sauce from our Thai takeaway menu


A bowl of Guay Tiew, Thai noodles with chicken
  • For allergens or dietary requirements please ask when ordering.
  • Our dishes vary so please request mild, medium or spicy when ordering.
  • You can pre-order for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

      TO ORDER

  • Please call 07768 808249 / SMS /Email
  • Please include your mobile telephone number, email address, and car registration number.
  • We will give you a time for collection & send a link to your phone for payment.
  • Drive up, collect, drive home and enjoy your meal.

Should you need infomation about ordering your takeaway please refer to our page ‘How to Order a Takeaway’.

Pad Pet pork belly with rice from our takeaway menu


“Had a takeaway from Thai kitchen at the weekend… Absolutely delicious!!! The whole process of ordering and paying was simple. Will definitely be going back.”

A Thai stir fry dish: moo sarm chan pad kapi (pork belly stir fried with shrimp paste


“Great food, freshly cooked. Proper Thai flavours. Thai kitchen in Lakeland is, by far the best takeaway In the area bar none. Be brave and try the specials you will not be disappointed.”

thai starters in a 'box to go' our popular street food combo in a box


“Today I tried thai kitchen for the first time. I chose pad thai, oh wow 😍 honestly one of the tastiest dishes I’ve ever eaten in my life! Will definitely be back. 10/10!” ❤

A dish of Pad Thai noodles from our Thai takeaway menu


Kanom Jeep, a plate of Thai Dim Sum with soya sauce and garnish

Kanom Jeeb £5.95 (Thai Dim Sum)

Our delicious takeaway special this week is Kanom Jeep. A Thai variation of the fantastic Dim Sum. Our Kanom Jeep are made with minced pork and prawns, with carrot, spring onion and water chestnut delicately wrapped in wanton pastry with roasted garlic, coriander root and peppercorns then smothered in our homemade soya sauce. A great startrer, they won’t last long, so grab them quick before your friends eat them all !
a boo pad pong garee, yellow curry with soft. crab from Thai Kitchen takeaway menu

Boo Pad Pong Garee – £13.55

ปูผัดผงกระหรี (boo pad pong garee) The delicate flavours of pad pong garee (yellow curry) stir-fried with soft-shell crab make this one of Thailand’s favourite dishes. This seasonal dish is only available at certain times of the year.

A plate of Pla Sarm Rot (three flavoured fish). This is sea bass on our takeaway menu

Pla Sarm Rot (3 Flavoured Fish) £12.60

One of Thailand’s famous fish dishes, our Pla Sarm Rot, translated as ‘three flavoured fish’, is deep-fried with fresh sea bass and smothered in our homemade sweet chilli sauce, fresh garlic and garnished with coriander and red chilli.


Tung Tong (Money Bags)

Sorry, this dish unavailable at present (pastry unavailable)

Moo Ping, strips of pork, marinated on skewers and eaten with Thai sticky rice

Moo Ping – £6.31

Irresistable – is the only word to describe Moo Ping. These little barbecue’d pork skewers, marinated, and grilled over hot coals are a familiar sight on the street food/night market stalls around Thailand.
Strips of fresh pork, marinated with coconut milk, garlic, peppercorn, then grilled on skewers and served with our homemade tamarind sauce.

Corn Fritters ทอดมันข้าวโพด (tôt man kâao-pôht), pieces of sweet corn wrapped in batter and deep-fried.

Corn Fritters

ทอดมันข้าวโพด (tôt man kâao-pôht) I love the taste of corn freshly scraped off the cob. What a crazy idea to mix these soft yellow kernels with a Thai flour and then blend them into a batter and deep-fry. Fantastic! Dip them into a tangy cucumber sauce first, then let the flavours explode in your mouth. Delicious. I cannot stop eating them.

Plate of Thai vegetable spring rolls with a plum sauce dip and garnish

Crispy Spring Rolls – £5.40/£6.31

เปาะเปี๊ยะทอด (bpaw bpia thaawt) The tasty vegetables and noodles are fighting to get out. From the first bite – as you break through the crispy, golden-brown pastry – your mouth is filled with a medley of flavours. Dip the roll in a sweet and sour sauce first and your taste buds will just sing with zest.

Try our duck spring rolls, shredded duck rolled with vegetables in pastry then deep-fried until golden-brown and served with hoisin sauce. £6.25

A plate of chicken satay with satay sauce and garnished with cucumber, shallot, peppers, chilli and sprinkled with ground peanuts.

Chicken Satay – £6.11

ไก่สะเต๊ะ (gài sà-dté) Don’t forget to dip! These succulent pieces of chicken, skewered on a bamboo stick, are tempting enough, and in the race to bite into this exciting texture you can rush past the crux of your journey. On the way, stop, dip into the satay bowl, twirl the chicken around and around then eat. Your taste buds will thank you. It is a flavour you will not forget.

Vegetable Tempura ผักซุปเเปังทอด (pàk súp pang tôt) on the thai food menu for thai kitchen in lakeland

Tempura – £5.50 / £6.50

ผักซุปเเปังทอด (pàk súp pang tôt ) These small pieces of baby corn, broccoli, carrots, peppers and other pieces of fresh, colourful vegetables are deep fried in a light batter until crispy and golden. Stab each one with a fork, dip it in a bowl of sweet chilli or plum sauce and lift it, dripping, to your mouth. Amazing!
As an alternative try our prawn tempura. Succulent king prawns wrapped in breadcrumbs and deep fried, then served with salad and plum sauce dip.

Tom Yum Goong ต้มยำ on the thai food menu for thai kitchen in lakeland.

Tom Yum Soup

ต้มยำ (Tom Yum) There are many things to remember Thailand for – this dish you will never forget. It may be incorrect to call Tom Yum Soup indigenous, but I cannot think of a better description. Along with green curry, it is synonymous with our appreciation of Thai culture. For the vegetarian – fantastic with mushrooms. Amazing with chicken. Superb when you bite through those big, juicy king prawns.

Chicken £6.25 Prawn £7.25 Vegetarian £5.75
Tom Kha Gai ต้มยำ (dtôm-kàa-gài), mild and creamy coconut and chicken soup from Thailand

Tom Kha Soup

ต้มข่า (dtôm-kàa) If you’ve had a rough day, stressful, not enough time, then this is the dish for you. It is soothing, the smells of lemongrass, galangal and lime drift into your nostrils even before your tongue has warmed to the delicate flavours of coconut milk and mushrooms. Close your eyes, imagine yourself on a beach in Thailand, the waves roll up the sand tickling your feet, as your shoulders get massaged by skilful hands, and your almost there.

Chicken £6.25 Prawn £7.25 Vegetarian £5.75
King Prawn Blanket กุ้งห่มผ้า (gûng hòm pâa), king prawns wrapped in wonton pastry and deep-fried

King Prawn Blanket – £6.16

กุ้งห่มผ้า (gûng hòm pâa) The king of prawns, sleeping, and snugly wrapped in a blanket of filo pastry, will excite your taste buds as you bite through the crispy golden-brown layers, leaving you craving for the next one. Be quick, though, because others will have the same idea and you may discover the plate empty next time you reach across the table.

thai starters in a 'box to go' our popular street food combo in a box

Box to Go £10.99

Our very popular street food starter combo of chicken satay, spring rolls, pork and sesame toast, crispy wonton and corn fritters smothered with satay sauce and sweet chilli dip is now on our weekly menu. Usually reserved for our street food events, this great value starter combines two of each starter in a ‘box to go.’ Contains peanuts (satay sauce) and sesame seeds.

A plate of crispy wonton (geoh tord) from our Thai takeaway menu

Geoh Tord (Crispy Wonton) – £5.90

Minced pork, marinated in our own mix of Thai herbs and spices, then individually hand-wrapped in filo pastry packets, tied with a little bow, deep fried, and served with a sweet chilli dip

A plate of pork and sesame toast from our Thai takeaway menu

Pork & Sesame Toast – £5.05

It may seem a strange idea to put minced pork onto a piece of bread, cover it with sesame seeds and then deep fry it, but Thai food is different and this dish tastes fantastic.
Allergens: sesame, wheat.

A basket of Thai prawn crackers with sweet chilli dips from our thai takeaway menu

Thai Prawn Crackers – £2.35

Made from high-quality fresh shrimp caught in the pacific ocean. No artificial colours. These shrimp chips are an ideal snack for adults and children, a great alternative to crisps. Served with a sweet chilli dip.


A plate of Pad Pet Moo, belly pork with red curry paste from out Thai takeaway menu

Pad Pet Moo w/Pork Belly

ปัดเป็ดหมู (pad-pet moo) A medium spicy stir-fry that is bursting with flavour. Pad Pet is colourful and delicious. Here pork belly is stir-fried in a red curry paste with coconut, lime leaves, chilli, basil, brocolli, fine beans and carrots. It’s yummy, don’t miss this.

Pork £12.37
A dish of Ped Makham (duck in tamarind sauce) from our Thai takeaway menu this week

Ped Makham (Duck in Tamarind Sauce)

‘Ped Makham’ (duck with tamarind sauce) – tender duck breast, rubbed with flour then deep fried and sliced. Beautifully presented on a bed of broccoli and cauliflower before being covered with our homemade tamarind sauce and garnished with chilli and coriander.

Thai Green Curry แกงเขียวหวาน (Gaeng Keow Waan). It is hot, spicy, full of flavour, and deliciously cooked in coconut milk

Thai Green Curry

แกงเขียวหวาน (Gaeng Keow Waan) What can I say about green curry, that hasn’t already been said? If you know about Thailand, you know about green curry, it is synonymous with Thailand, or rather inseparable. It is hot, spicy, full of flavour, deliciously cooked in coconut milk, exciting with eggplants. An empty room will quickly fill with its distinctive aromas as this epicurean delight is cooking. Enough said, sit down, time to eat.

Beef in Oyster Sauce ผัดนำ้มันหอย (pad namman hoi). Beef with stir-fried vegetables

Jungle Curry

แกงป่า (Gaeng Pa) Thailand’s hottest curry. A medley of vegetables and Thai spices swirl around in this hot Thai soup. No coconut milk here – one of the few Thai dishes without it. Why is it called jungle curry? Well, maybe because the Thais could easily create while walking through the jungle, or because of the mix of colourful vegetables – the choice is yours. I can make it cooler if you wish, or hotter!

Thai Yellow Curry ผัดผงกระหรี่ (pad pong garee). A mild, enjoyable, curry of potatoes and shallots

Yellow Curry

ผัดผงกระหรี่ (pad pong garee) An eclectic mix of cultures, drawn from India and Thailand, are responsible for creating this intriguing dish. The emotive aromas of turmeric and coconut inspire thoughts of far-off jungles and beaches. It is a mild, enjoyable, curry of potatoes and shallots, a thicker sauce than other Thai dishes and delightful with chicken.

Thai Red Curry แกงเผ็ด (Gaeng Daeng). Red is the emotive colour of fire and hot red chillies

Thai Red Curry

แกงเผ็ด (Gaeng Daeng) As red is the emotive colour of fire and hot red chillies, some may think that red curry is hotter than it’s more famous partner, green curry, but it isn’t.
Both these dishes are synonymous with Thailand, but red curry is smoother and milder, and should not send you racing to the kitchen for the water or another beer.

Panang Beef แกงแพนง (gaeng-panang). From southern Thailand comes this delicious dish of medium-spicy curry

Panang Curry

แกงแพนง (gaeng-panang) All the way from southern Thailand comes this delicious dish of medium-spicy curry. Curries from the south are not as hot as northern curries, I am thinking of Massaman here which is a delight; yet this dish certainly has a kick to it. Some days I love it, at other times I pass it by. Don’t you miss it though, because the flavours of kaffir lime leaves and holy basil blended with coconut milk make this dish a real treat.

a plate of hor mok, thai curry from our thai takeaway menu

Hor Mok

ห่อหมกไก  (hòr-mòk). For a truly Thai experience this dish is steamed and served in banana leaves. It can also, as it is a coconut rich dish, be served in a coconut shell. Traditionally, it is made with fish or seafood, but today I am using chicken cooked with Thai herbs and vegetables in coconut milk.

Chicken £11.61  Prawn 12.92 Vegetarian £10.96
Pad Thai Goong, ผัดไทย the most famous of all noodle dishes.

Pad Thai

ผัดไทย (pad-thai-noodles) If you’ve been to Thailand, you’ll have eaten Pad Thai; the most famous of all noodle dishes. This dish is so varied that you can add either prawns, chicken, pork, tofu, or just vegetables and they all taste fantastic.Enjoy yourself squeezing fresh lime and sprinkling ground nuts over the top. Then dig in, with chopsticks or fork, and enjoy.

Chicken £10.35 Prawn £11.90 Vegetarian £9.88
Vegetable Noodles ผัดหมี่ซั้ว (pàt mèe súa), an enticing medley of fresh vegetables and chicken, stir-fried with a tasty oyster sauce

Stir-Fry Vegetables & Noodles

ผัดหมี่ซั้ว (pàt mèe súa) This enticing medley of fresh vegetables and chicken, stir-fried with a tasty oyster sauce through strands of soft egg noodles will even make broccoli seem exciting!
It is fantastic for a moveable feast while walking down the beach, or to work, but for now, just add it to your other dishes, it will complement them perfectly.

Vegetarian £7.95 Chicken £8.48 Prawn £10.49
A plate of pad see ew, thai noodles from our thai takeaway menu

Pad See Ew

ผัดซีอิ้ว (pad-see-ew) This is Thai fast food! It is cooked fast. It is delicious. Chewy pan-fried rice noodles are stir-fried with meat and vegetables in a rich soy sauce. Quick, fast, and exciting. It is a popular street food dish in Thailand to eat on the go, but slow down, take your time, enjoy the flavours.

Chicken £10.35 Prawn £11.90 Vegetarian £9.88
A plate of pad kee mao, thai noodles from our thai takeaway menu

Pad Kee Mao

ผัดขี้เมา  (pad kee mao) Literally translated it means drunken noodles! They’re not cooked in alcohol though, it’s just that they can’t seem to stand up! Holy basil is added to meat, along with assorted vegetables, I use either pasta or noodles, then broccoli, sometimes baby corn. The ingredients are stir-fried in the wok, mixed and twisted together, before being slid onto the plate. This an intriguing meal, a unexpected addition to the traditional Thai dishes.

Chicken/Pork £10.35 Beef £10.86 Prawn £11.90 Vegetarian £9.88
Pad Krapow, ผัดกระเพา (pad khrapao). The favourite choice for Thai street food along the roads of Bangkok.

Pad Krapow

ผัดกระเพา (pad khrapao)The aromas from this traditional Thai dish rise from the kitchen before it has even got to your table. It is the favourite choice for Thai street food along the roads of Bangkok. There is no mistaking the sizzle, as chillies, holy basil and garlic are stir-fried in black soy sauce before vegetables are added creating a cacophonous roar from the wok. You could ask for this to be mild, but don’t, prepare yourself for a surprise.

Chicken/Pork £11.36 Beef £11.86 Prawn £12.47 Vegetarian £10.70
Pad Khing ผัดขิง (Pad Khing). Fried ginger with chicken, pork, beef or king prawns, a real treat.

Pad Khing

ผัดขิง (Pad Khing) Ginger, lots of fresh root ginger. The Thai word for ginger is khing. The Thai word for fried is pad. So, therefore, fried ginger with chicken, pork, beef or king prawns, a real treat, if you like ginger. If you don’t, there are many more dishes, because the ginger stays, along with the chillies.

Chicken/Pork £11.36 Beef £11.86 Prawn £12.47 Vegetarian £10.70
Sweet & Sour Chicken ผัดเปรี้ยวหวาน (Pad Priaw Waan). Tender pieces of chicken stir-fried with onions, courgette and pineapple

Sweet and Sour

ผัดเปรี้ยวหวาน (Pad Priaw Waan) Succulent king prawns, or tender pieces of chicken mixed with vegetables and stir-fried in a special sweet and sour sauce. The flavours released from the cucumbers and pineapple will flow over your tongue. The prawns have to be fought for with your other guests, or you could be gracious and let them have the first choice, difficult though.

Chicken £11.36 Beef £11.86 Prawn £12.47 Vegetarian £10.70
Chicken and Cashew Nut (gai pad med mamuang himapan). Fresh slices of chicken coated in a soothingly sweet sauce.

Chicken Cashew Nut

ผัดเม็ดมะมว่งหิมมะพาน (gai pad med mamuang himapan) That is a mouthful: Gai phad med mamuang himmapan. It is more sweet than spicy, however. Include this dish to compliment others that are not as forgiving towards your taste buds. Fresh slices of chicken coated in a soothingly sweet red sauce, folded with cashew nuts, garlic and peppers. Exotic flavours permeate this favorite dish, loved by foreigners as well as Thais.

Chicken £11.36 Beef £11.86 Vegetarian £10.70
a dish of gai nam prik pao, a thai stiry, from our thai takeaway menu

Nam Prik Pao

นำ้พริกเผา (nam-prik-pao), translates to chilli paste and that is what makes this dish delightfully different. It is a medium stir-fry, but don’t let the chilli paste alarm you, it is not too spicy. The flavours blend perfectly, creating a taste different than other stir-fries. The meat, or tofu, is flavoured with basil, garlic and vegetables. Go ahead, try and pronounce it, but it doesn’t sound as exciting in English (chilli stir fry).

Chicken £11.36 Prawn £12.47 Vegetarian £10.70
A dish of Pad Cha, Thai stir fry

Pad Cha

ผัดฉ่า (pad cha) ‘Sizzling stir fry’ – the literal translation. A delicious blend of meat or tofu, stir-fried with vegetables, quick, aromatic and healthy. The sizzling from the wok resounds through the kitchen as the meat hits the hot oil, stir-fried with fresh peppercorns, chilli a good mix of lime leaves (kaffir) and basil to give you a dish full of flavour.

Chicken/Pork £11.36 Beef £11.86 Prawn £12.47 Vegetarian £10.70
A plate of pad pet, thai curry, from our thai takeaway menu

Pad Pet

ผัดเผ็ด  (pad-pet)  A medium stir-fry that is bursting with flavours. Pad Pet is different from our other stir fries. Colourful and with a heavier consistency. Chicken, pork or beef is stir-fried in a red curry paste with coconut, lime leaves, chilli, basil, broccoli, fine beans and carrots. We also have a vegetarian option.

Chicken £11.36 Beef £11.86 Vegetarian £10.70
A plate of beef in oyster sauce from our Thai takeaway menu

Beef in Oyster Sauce – £11.86

(Neua Pad Num Mun Hoy) – Beef in Oyster Sauce (Thai style) tastes significantly different than the native Chinese version. This is a stir-fry dish, strips of tender beef are cooked with mushrooms, broccoli, spring onions, in a stir-fry sauce. Although called oyster sauce it does not contain oysters but is a vegetarian sauce.

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