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Fresh. Authentic. Delicious. Street food from Thailand on the streets of Cumbria

Our Ethos

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FOOD. Thai food. Restaurant-quality food, on the street, cooked while you wait. Fresh, using genuine Thai ingredients and local suppliers whenever possible. Also, we are eco-friendly; we have been since we started catering in 2006. You won’t find any plastic trays, forks or cups here, everything goes back into the ground.

Street food is exciting, and in the last few years its popularity has increased in Cumbria, along with the quality of the food being served. Walk past our stall and you could imagine yourself strolling down Sukhumvit Rd in Bangkok as the aroma of lemongrass, chillis, galangal, thai basil and many other herbs waft along the street.

Thai ‘Drive-Thru’ Takeaway , Kendal

Wed – Sat (5pm-9pm), Cumbria, LA9 4RU

From Tuesday to Saturday each week enjoy exciting Thai food at our ‘drive-thru’ takeaway on Unit 6, Dockray Hall, Kendal. LA9 4RU

thai kitchen good food award for takeaways 2023

What we do. Where we go

We are busy cooking most weekends and during summer our hungry customers enjoy Thai food at events and festivals throughout the UK.

From Tuesday to Saturday our ‘drive-thru’ takeaway in Kendal caters for takeaway food.

At other times we are striving to find the best ingredients for you, then it’s prep, prep, prep!

Our Chef, Amporn

Hello to our chef, Amporn. From central Thailand, she learnt to cook traditional Thai food at home, then spent 16 years at the Doi Intanon . In 2006 she started to cater for dinner parties, and in 2016 embraced street food with her delicious Thai food. Try her Pad Thai, ‘best outside of Thailand’, someone once said.

Street Food at Events and Festivals in Cumbria

The street food scene in Cumbria is vibrant and encouraging. A few years ago we dragged behind the ‘foodie’ hotspots of Birmingham, Manchester and Yorkshire. Now many chefs and people who love good food, have embraced the excitement of street food and are stepping outdoors, in all weathers, to bring authentic, delicious food to the people of Cumbria.

Today we are fortunate to  have a wide range of cuisine from around the world on our doorstep. Here are some of the regular and newest traders that can be found on our streets, at our pubs, and around the many events and festivals in Cumbria.

Our Story

After catering for dinner parties and buffets since 2006, we embraced the street food scene in 2016. This was a great move, despite days of wild winds, rainy days and freezing temperatures we persisted and revelled in the warm, sunny days when it is a joy to stand on the street for eight hours of more, cooking and bringing you authentic Thai street food. Cumbria may not be the streets of Thailand, certainly not as warm, but our food is genuine and we pride ourselves that it is restaurant quality, and as good as any you can get in most Thai restaurants.

When you visit us, you will be greeted with the aromas of Thai herbs and spices drifting gently on the breeze. Most of the time Amporn cooks to order, just like in Thailand, which means you may have to wait a while for your dish, but while you are waiting, you have the pleasure of watching it being cooked, and hopefully picking up a few cookery tips along the way.

Enjoy, and we hope to meet you during 2024.

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thai kitchen good food award for takeaways 2023