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Our Story

Welcome To Unit 6

It is amazing what can happen within a few years. What began in February 2018 as a unit for storage and food preparation soon became a small streetfood cafe.

We cooked Thai meals by the street on our little market stall – the one we use for events and shows around Cumbria – and catered for workers on the industrial estate Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes.

By July demand had grown for our food, so we closed on Tuesday and opened every Thursday from 12 until 9. Then, by October we were also cooking on Fridays.

The concept of developing a streetfood cafe began to take shape, and by February 2019 we had installed a wok cooker and developed the unit into an open kitchen, where customers can watch their meals being cooked.

In early 2020 our business took another path as we opened our Thai cafe in Kendal. Our operations will continue at Unit 6 but only for takeaways on Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings.


Chicken Satay

ไก่สะเต๊ะ (gài sà-dté) These succulent pieces of chicken, skewered on a bamboo stick, are tempting enough. Dip into the satay sauce, twirl the chicken around, and eat. It is a flavour you will not forget.


Green Curry

แกงเขียวหวาน (Gaeng Keow Waan) Green curry is synonymous with Thailand. Hot, spicy, full of flavour. Deliciously cooked in coconut milk. Exciting with eggplants. Its distinctive aromas are a delight.


Tom Yum Soup

ต้มยำ (Tom Yum) There are many things to remember Thailand for – this dish you will never forget. It is synonymous with Thai culture. Fantastic with mushrooms, amazing with chicken. Superb with big king prawns.


Pad Krapow

ผัดกระเพา (pad khrapao)The aromas from this traditional Thai dish drift from the kitchen before it has even got to your table. There is no mistaking the sizzle, as chillies, holy basil and garlic are stir-fried in black soy sauce.


Pad Thai

ผัดไทย (pad-thai-noodles) If you’ve been to Thailand, you’ll have eaten Pad Thai. Enjoy yourself, squeeze fresh lime and sprinkle ground nuts over the top. Then dig in, with chopsticks or fork, and enjoy.


Panang Curry

แกงแพนง (gaeng-panang) From southern Thailand comes this delicious dish of medium curry. The flavours of kaffir lime leaves and holy basil blended with coconut milk make this dish a real treat.

Menus & Information


Our takeaway menu runs from 4pm – 9pm (during the COVID-19 restrictions).

View, or download, our takeaway menu below.
Thai Kitchen Takeaway Menu

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Thai Kitchen in Lakeland allergen table

Our streetfood cafe is open on Thursday, Friday & Saturday each week from 4.00pm  – 9pm for takeaways only, (during the COVID-19 restrictions).

The cafe is situated just to the north of Kendal in an industrial unit on Dockray Hall Mill (LA9 4RU) and recreates the ambience of a streetfood cafe in Thailand.

Click the link here for directions to this cafe

From March 2020 this cafe will only be open for takeaway meals.

Our new Thai cafe at Yard 2, Stramongate. Kendal (previously ‘Red Door Kitchen’) will be open for eat in but not takeaways, once the COVID-19 restrictions are removed.

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