Massaman Curry


A traditional mild curry from southern Thailand. Chicken simmered slowly in a creamy coconut milk with peanuts, onions, pineapple and potatoes – once tasted never forgotten.


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Massaman Curry มัสหมั่น (Gaeng Mussaman)

Allergens: celery, crustaceans, wheat, soya, peanuts (optional)
Ingredients: chicken, (beef, pork), peanuts (optional), onions, pineapple, potatoes, coconut

I am strolling through the jungle in southern Thailand. Birds cackle in the trees. A sultry heat slowly rises up from the ground. Above me, a few clouds drift nonchalantly across a clear, blue sky and I think of Massaman, my favourite Thai dish. Massaman, an eclectic mix of cultures, probably originated in southern Thailand and its flavours always take me there. The Thais cook this dish in many different ways, so there is no definitive recipe. It is best simmered slowly for many hours. Do not rush it, let it rest, it tastes better that way. Potatoes, peanuts and pineapple, are some of the ingredients simmered in coconut milk with braised beef or chicken. It is usually described as curry, but it isn’t. I don’t really know how to explain it, I just enjoy it.


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