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Dinner Parties
Thai dinner party
In 2006, we began to specialise in authentic Thai catering for homes and holiday cottages in Cumbria. Our premium dinner parties provide you with restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home or cottage. Amporn’s brings her experience from working for over 12 years in local restaurants directly to your table.
“Wow! Having eaten across Thailand, this is the real deal! Great night, great company, fantastic food.”
We offer two or three course servings at an attractive price that removes the need for taxis, babysitters and the inconvenience of travelling. Relax, enjoy the comforts of your own residence, and watch as I prepare delicious Thai cuisine in your kitchen. All our food is cooked on the premises and sourced from local suppliers wherever possible.
Corporate Events
Thai buffet catering
There may be times when you need something less formal than a dinner party. With higher numbers of guests a Thai buffet is a more attractive option. Buffets are more appropiate for parties or corporate events where numbers and time are the deciding factors.
“Very efficient, professional service from beginning to end. The whole party enjoyed the food.”
We can cater for up to a 100 people, providing the best in Thai cusine. Ideally, our food is cooked on the premises. If there are no kitchen facilities we can cook at home and prepare at your venue. Our staff will prepare the tables, serve the food and clean up afterwards.
Wedding Buffets
Thai Kitchen in Lakeland wedding buffet
In 2016 we began to offer wedding buffets. Primarily these were to satsify a demand for catering at venues without kitchen facilities and have proved to be well received. We can cook outside the wedding venue for approximately 100 people, and serve delicious Thai food to your table.
“The food was exceptional in presentation, quantity and quality. Our guests were impressed by what you had achieved.”
This service is not only for weddings though. We also cater for corporate events, celebrations, outdoor activities, in fact most situations where the lack of kitchen facilities can be a limiting factor in planning your event.


Experience the delights of Thai cuisine: Corporate Events, Dinner Parties, Wedding Buffets.

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