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Dec 16 2019 - Dec 20 2019


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Lancaster On Ice

A Winter Wonderland in the heart of Lancaster

The story of how Lancaster On Ice came to be a reality is like a Christmas wish come true for Hannah and Martin Horner, owners of the bustling pub and restaurant The Borough on Dalton Square. They often looked out of the window onto the scenic square, especially in the cold winter months, wondering how they could use the space to bring life, fun and sharing to the local and North West community.

Working with local primary schools and children’s organisations, Lancaster On Ice aims to provide an idyllic, frozen Christmas haven and to give as many children as possible the chance to experience the wonders of the rink through a young people’s programme.

Thai Catering at Lancaster On Ice

Thai Kitchen in Lakeland is excited to be catering for the week before Christmas at this event, and will be bringing hot food to warm up the ‘chilli’ winter nights.

A Dream for The Future

Whilst 2018 marked the start of Lancaster on Ice we hope that this is just the beginning of the story. In coming years the Lancaster on Ice team would like to build an arena that dominates the whole of Dalton Square, with Christmas Markets, traditional fairground rides,concerts and much more. We hope that Christmas in Lancaster will become a tradition to rival events in Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

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