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About Thai Food

Thai cuisine is now considered to be one of the healthiest foods you can eat. The reason for this is that the ingredients, especially the herbs and spices, such as: fresh chillies, lemongrass, coriander, and galangal, that are so distinctive of Thai cooking, are now recognised as having health giving properties in fighting disease and building up immunity. Of course, the number one factor in choosing to eat Thai cuisine has got to be the taste and the hospitality. The taste is unique from other cuisine that originates from the Far East, and can range from mild through to extremely spicy, especially in cuisine from Northern and Eastern Thailand. If you wish to learn more about Thai Food then follow this link: About.com:Thai Food

How to eat Thai food

Eating Thai food has to be one of the most sociable occasions possible. The whole ethos of eating Thai food is about hospitality. It is a meal that is meant to be shared; and the whole atmosphere, excitement, and colour of Thai cuisine is heartwarming.

The dishes are usually served in the centre of the table and, unlike western cuisine, each person takes portions and places them on their own plate. The dishes are not usually served as individual portions.

Using only a spoon and a fork, Thai food is generally eaten as a single portion, this allows you to experience the individual flavours of each dish, before trying another. It is considered bad etiquette to lump all the dishes together at once. You will need to eat quick though, because you may find that someone else has finished off the best dish before you get to it! Don't worry though, with Thai food, there is always enough!


Thai starters are a fantastic introduction to your meal. Be warned though, because a plate of nibbles delivered before your meal is irresistible and can soon fill you up. Prawn crackers, sesame toast, king prawn blanket, chicken satay, wonton, corn patties, and the famous Thai fish cakes ( tod mun pla), are just some of the best starters.


Rice is the main dish that complements all Thai food. Thai food without rice, is like fish without chips! You would never find a Thai eating without rice, unthinkable! Yet there is not only white boiled rice (kow suey), it means beautiful rice. Rice dishes are also offered in a wide variety of flavours and colours. Fried rice (kow pat), can be a meal in itself, with ingredients such as: egg, chicken, pork, prawn, vegetables. Then there is the famous Thai sticky rice; this is usually rolled into a ball in the hand - great fun - and eaten with a variety of dishes. It is great for taking on picnics, along with fried chicken (kai tort), yummy!


Thai noodle dishes are amazing. The variety and tastes are surprising. There are small noodles (sen lek), big noodles (sen yai), wide noodles, thin noodles, short noodles and long noodles!

There are fried noodles, singapore noodles, and the famous Thai noodle dish, Pad Thai, which is delicious, with prawns, and a meal in itself.


Thai salads are something to be experienced. Try the Larb Gai, it is spicy, with your choice of minced chicken, pork or beef, tossed in roasted ground rice, fresh vegetables. Nice to eat wrapped in lettuce or cabbage - sandwich style!

Soups and Curries

When you think about Thai curries then the famous Green Curry nearly always comes out as the favourite. It is delicious! But there are more: Red Curry, Yellow Curry, Panang Curry, Massaman Curry, each of them mouth wateringly good.

Who can resist, Tom Yum Soup, it is what Thailand is famous for! There is Tom Yum Kung (Prawn), Gai (Chicken), Talay (Seafood), Vegatable, and the fiery hot, Jungle Curry - but only for the brave! Apart from the spicy soups there are also milder varieties, such as: Tom Kah Gai (chicken and coconut).

Meat & Chicken Dishes

As you would expect, there are a wide variety of meat and fish dishes, ranging from mild to really spicy! One of my favourites is Pad Gra Pow: stir fried beer, chicken or prawn, with holy basil and a spicy chilli sauce - it is also very nice with an egg on top!

There is sweet and sour, beef and oyster sauce, chicken and cashew nuts, stir fried chicken and much more!


King Prawns, are used extensively in Thai cuisine, wrapped in pastry, used in Pad Thai, in curries, in sweet and sour. Fish dishes are delicious, with Pla Nung Manow ( steamed fish in chilli and garlic sauce), Pal Sarm Rot (three flavoured fish in chilli wonderful sauce).


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